Matt Glassmeyer

Matt Glassmeyer

Partner - Financial Consultant

As a Financial Advisor it is a bit disingenuous to say that I come up with financial plans for you. This is because you already have your own plans. Maybe your plan is to retire early, or to have a 2nd home in the mountains, or maybe it is to be able to travel with your family. Regardless of what your plan is, it is your plan; my job is to help bring that plan to life.

How do we do that? First things first we need to see what we have to work with. By getting information on your current assets, expenses, income, savings, etc. we can start to get a picture of your current financial health. From there, together we can model your personal life and retirement vison in our collaborative software to gain a picture of how your current path to and through retirement looks.

This is when the fun starts. By interactively adjusting the various parameters of your financial life we can quickly see if you are on track, ahead of your targets, or falling behind. We can also stress test your plan for various unforeseen events in the economy or life that may derail your plans. Through all of this we can build a roadmap for your plan; and from that roadmap design investment and protection strategies for you to keep you on track.

If you need assistance, I am always happy to talk about investment and financial planning strategies; and if you have questions, I am always happy help no matter how basic or advanced.

There is no pressure, no obligations, and everything is kept confidential, so please feel free to reach out. I look forward to speaking with you.

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