Shawn Hill

Shawn Hill

Shawn Hill

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH and have lived here my entire life.  The strong conservative Mid-Western values instilled in me by my parents and grandparents have shaped who I am.  Those same values are the Cornerstone to how we serve our clients and their families.  In some form, these values are part of every customized plan we create for a client; Family, Faith, Fiscal Responsibility, Charity, and Legacy.

I’m a competitive person and at an early age this competitive nature was channeled through athletics leading to a basketball scholarship at a small school in Ft. Wayne, IN, St. Francis University.  This was a great experience, but after my Freshman year I realized the NBA wasn’t scouting small college games in Indiana, so I decided to transfer to the University of Cincinnati to finish my degree in Economics and Finance.

Transferring to U.C. was the smartest thing I ever did because at the beginning of my Junior year I met a young co-ed, Tammy Byers, who is my best friend, the love of my life, and my wife of 30 years.  Tammy and I are blessed with two adult sons, Colin and Ryan.  Tammy is the Director of Women’s Ministries at Horizon Community Church developing programming to assist women in pursuing their faith.

Ryan is in his final semester at Cincinnati Christian University graduating with a degree in Humanities and Youth Ministry.  At 16 Ryan was diagnosed with a heart condition preventing him from participating in many activities teenagers love.  Some kids would feel sorry for themselves after receiving this news, but Ryan’s faith took him in a different direction.  He attended two mission trips to Mexico serving kids at an orphanage, and this was enough to give Ryan’s life purpose and why he intends to work with kids as his career.

Colin was recently married in June and we are incredibly excited for him and Alex as they start a life together and she becomes a part of our family.  On October 14th, Colin joined my practice and we are looking forward to working together, serving current and future clients.  Most fathers who own a business think about their son or daughter coming to work with them and I’m proud to share this opportunity with Colin.

For more than 28 years I have worked with high net worth individuals, retirees, and the owners of family owned businesses to achieve their financial goals and create a legacy.  We build “relationships for life” with our clients and their families.  If you are interested in working with a client focused team, I hope you will contact me.

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