How We Do It

Process is the Foundation for Success.
To help you achieve financial success, we utilize a disciplined, strategic, three-phased planning process.

Phase 1: Evaluate
Review Current Strategies: We conduct a comprehensive audit of your finances. We will examine your investments (real estate holdings), asset titling (legal documents), and any ownership in a closely held business and then develop a model of your current financial situation. This will include cash flow, income tax, and estate distribution projections.

Develop Objectives: Together, we will explore your current financial requirements and future objectives.

Phase 2: Explore
Analyze: We will identify the gaps between your current planning and your financial objectives and risk tolerance. The purpose of this phase is to bring missed opportunities to the forefront.

Recommend: Our team will present alternative strategies that are an appropriate fit to help you achieve your personal goals. These customized recommendations form the basis of your financial plan.

Phase 3: Execute
Implementation: Sophisticated strategies are put into motion to take your financial plan from concept to reality. Using advanced methods, persistence, and a team approach, your plan is skillfully executed to ensure its success.

Monitoring: We are committed to keeping your plan current to help you stay on a positive course. We will recommend necessary adjustments due to changes in your situation, tax laws, and the economy when appropriate.