Colin Hill

Colin Hill

My hometown, Cincinnati, OH, is often referred to as the big city with a small-town feel.  It is full of energy, innovation and development.  Its citizens are optimistic, charitable and rooted in faith.  I fully embrace being a Cincinnatian, and as residents of the downtown core, my wife and I are enjoying its revitalization. 

On June1, 2019, I married my best friend and love of my life, Alex.  She is the Programing Coordinator for The First Tee of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky – a charity with the mission of teaching life skills through the game of golf to underprivileged youth.  Alex attended the University of Cincinnati on a golf scholarship and coached golf while in graduate school at Southern Mississippi.  With two master’s degrees and a +2.5 handicap, I am reminded constantly that I am continuing a rich tradition of Hill men, “we marry Up”!  Alex and I love to golf, travel, and experiencing new adventures together.  We are blessed with supportive families and great friends who enjoy similar interests, so there is never a dull moment.

As I was growing up, my mom, Tammy, was always involved in charitable endeavors.  If the event she was planning called for 20 volunteers, she knew that she only needed to find 17; three spots were already filled.  Her example of service to others continues to this day in her role as the Director of Women’s Ministries at Horizon Community Church.

My brother Ryan is finishing his studies at Cincinnati Christian University to become a youth pastor.  I am very proud of him in following Mom’s example by helping kids pursue their faith. 

My dad, Shawn, has been a Financial Planner my entire life.  My first job was caddying at the local country club, Dad’s idea.  Life lessons at an early age; show up on time, work hard, the value of a dollar, and how to effectively communicate with adults.  He encouraged me to save and he monitored my spending.  When you’re a kid trying to ‘sneak around’ and buy the latest toy or video game, it’s not easy to fool your financial planner father.

I came to appreciate his attention to detail and sincere concern for my financial wellbeing.  It wasn’t just about Ryan and me being frugal with our pennies, he had a longer-term vision that we just couldn’t see.  This patient and measured strategy was pulled directly from his daily work.  I wanted that vision and to understand the process behind it, so I studied.  I attended Miami University and the University of Cincinnati studying Marketing and Business. 

I think part of me always wanted to work with my dad and in October of 2019, that opportunity finally arrived.  Prior to coming on board, I passed the SIE (Securities Industry Essentials) exam.  I am excited to learn every day and continue growing the practice my father has worked so hard to create.  I am humbled by this opportunity and cannot wait to see where it leads.  I look forward to helping our clients achieve financial security and create the legacy that they want to leave.