Blair Burnett

Blair Burnett

Blair Burnett

I was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, the horse capital of the world!   After high school, I studied Business Communications at the University of Kentucky before moving to Cincinnati and making it my home in 2016. I have grown to love it here, especially the goetta – a Cincinnati delicacy!  I’m not sure how I survived 26 years without it.  I must admit, I’m still a loyal Wildcats fan and definitely “Bleed Blue”.

Being from Lexington and having worked for one of the most historic thoroughbred stallion farms in the industry, it’s no surprise that I love horses. I love all animals for that matter! I try to make it to Keeneland each year for at least one of the fall or spring meets. The fall meet has always been my favorite though. There’s just something special about being there while the leaves are changing, and their bread pudding really hits the spot when it’s a little chilly!

A lot of my free time is spent watching The Food Network and trying to replicate some of the unique dishes they prepare.  My Chef skills are still a work in progress, sometimes the results are fantastic and other times it reaffirms I need to keep my day job.

If I’m not putting out fires in the kitchen then I’m likely curled up with a good book. One of my favorites is Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.  Like most people I have had challenges to overcome in my life and the lessons captured in this book taught me how to be persistent and face whatever life throws at me head on.

I’m naturally curious about many topics.  If something catches my attention, I want to learn everything about it! This thirst for knowledge and information has helped me help others.  In my personal life I draw on my experiences and what I’ve learned to counsel young people in the charities I serve. 

In my professional role as a Client Relationship Manager, I employ this approach in serving clients and finding the answers to their questions.  I take pride in being accessible and responsive to clients’ needs and I follow every service item for a client until its successful resolution.  I have great resources at my disposal to address even the most complex or one-off situation.  I’m extremely efficient about following up and confirming that everything is set up correctly for clients because I’ve seen firsthand the negative consequences when proper planning and processes aren’t in place.  I value a strong work ethic and rest assured; I will go that extra mile for you, Every Time.

When I came to work for Shawn three years ago, I didn’t have any financial services industry experience. Because of my GRIT, my curiosity, and desire for personal growth - I have become an integral part of his practice and I have acquired my Securities Series 6 and Life & Health Insurance licenses. I look forward to continuing to provide the highest level of service to our current and future clients.